Frequently asked questions

What is Platog all about?

Games are an awesome way to connect with your friends. Platog wants to bring that experience and the joy of pulling each other's legs and winning over your friends while maintaining that true friendship. Even the name Platog is a short form for "Stay connected" albeit with a twist :)

How do I create a fantasy league?

It is very easy. Open the app, on your home page you'll see your favorite games. Select one and click on "create a league" and follow the steps

Does this require money to be put in?

No, not at all. We do not want to involve money matters among friends. We want you to connect with your friends over things you love. That is all. In the end, isn't it all about having fun moments and experiences to cherish! :)

Is this for me?

If you are the one who loves talking to friends and sometims get embarassed to call them, you should definitely use Platog to give a reason for your friends to connect back Or if you are the one who loves to keep in touch with your friends, now you have one more reason to prolong your conversations. All in all, Platog is built for people to connect back :)

Why should I use Platog?

It is those tiny reasons that keeps us away from calling our friends or interacting with them. We just need a push there and Platog gives exactly that - A reason to connect back with your friends or prolong your conversation when you are out of words. Because games are very good at binding us together




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